Mission appearancesEdit

"Prologue" / "Bury the Hatchet" - Frozen AlienEdit

GTA 5 Easter Eggs - FROZEN ALIEN EASTER EGG! (GTA V Frozen Alien) "gta 5 mission 1"01:52

GTA 5 Easter Eggs - FROZEN ALIEN EASTER EGG! (GTA V Frozen Alien) "gta 5 mission 1"

The frozen alien is the first easter egg the player can encounter in the game. During the very first mission, once you get in the SUV, drive off the side of the road to the right and into the frozen creek, and under the bridge you will find an alien frozen in

This particular alien will bear a strong resemblance to the encounters seen throughout the rest of the game.

"Grass Roots: Michael"Edit

"Did Somebody Say Yoga?"Edit

Other in-game appearancesEdit

Richards Majestic movie costumesEdit

First seen during the cunt"Franklin and Lamar", both characters of the same name repossess vehicles for Simeon, and eventually pass through the Richards Majestic movie studios. The player can choose to hit or avoid the actors in alien costumes, whereas avoiding them will grant the player the "We Come in Peace" objective for the mission.

Lord ZaphoEdit

Lord Zapho is the unseen alien leader mentioned throughout the game. He is first mentioned by a unique encounter in the Simeon mission "Repossesion", then is later mentioned a few times by Ron on his radio show. Also he is mentioned by the same person from the previous unique encounter in the Devin mission "Eye in the Sky"

Los Santos 2020 movie posterEdit

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