There are several viewing platforms that can be found throughout the game map. The most famous one is the one atop Mount Chiliad , which is where the player must stand if they want to see the Mount Chiliad UFO.

Only two of these platforms are of any known significance, the one atop Mount Chiliad and the one up the hill from the Alien Camp. Both of these are close to the sites of UFOs. Other platforms exist but it's unknown whether they have any significance.

Mount ChiliadEdit

Main article: Mount Chiliad

At the peak of Mount Chiliad is a viewing platform with two telescopes. This viewing platform is tied in with the mystery because it's where the player must stand if they want to see the UFO that appears at the peak during rain at 3 AM.

Under the platform is a red painted eye/UFO glyph. On the back of the platform, the words "Come back when your story is complete" can be found, which is referencing the 100% completion requirement to see the UFO.

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Sandy Shores (Alien Camp)Edit

Main article: Alien Camp

Located right up the hill from the Alien Camp , this viewing platform has a board showing a view of Mount Chiliad from the south.

There's nothing significant about the platform itself other than its proximity to the UFO above the camp and that it's the only other platform with telescopes on it.

Cougars are known to appear here so be careful!

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Raton CanyonEdit

In Raton Canyon, two viewing platforms can be found. There doesn't seem to be any significance to them. These viewing platforms don't have telescopes or any glyphs nearby.

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